KoVe Global is an evolution of research and survey of the commercial aspects in tune with the legal scenario. Dispute resolution with informal procedures and enforcement credibility is the need of the hour, which is taken as a task by KoVe Global.

Established in 2013, KoVe Global is managed by Veeraraghavan INBAVIJAYAN,WholeTime Arbitration Professional.The boutique specializes in international commercial arbitration, maritime arbitration, international trade & contracts, intellectual property rights, construction disputes, finance disputes, securities arbitration, commodity, real estate, joint ventures, documentary credits (L/Cs), ADR, sale of goods, domain name disputes and investment disputes.

Inbavijayan is accredited as an arbitrator in leading international and regional arbitration institutions. He is one of the Director of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators India. In addition to acting as arbitrator, the boutique provides arbitration and ADR advocacy. The team also appear before arbitral proceedings in various jurisdictions worldwide.

KoVe Global is associated with prominent arbitration specialists, arbitrators, arbitration department of law firms, institutions, law schools, technical arbitration practitioners, etc. in India and abroad. Furthermore KoVe Global promotes the concept of arbitration and ADR through internships, in-house trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences, teaching assignments and publications in both domestic and international/transnational arena.

KoVe Global creates a complete platform for Arbitration and ADR.