Prema Chandra - Consultant, KoVe Global

Prema Chandra recently retired at the level of Additional Secretary to the Government of India after 36 years of rich experience, 7 of which involved international experience, with exposure in all aspects of management. He has held several top positions such as Director, State Head Telecom, and has expertise in Domestic/ International Arbitration and Techno-Economic Study.

In his official capacity, he has handled many arbitration-related obligations. He has led led major projects, and worked as the adviser to Government of Qatar for technology, telecom and for Doha Asian Games. Well experienced in directing the delivery of a range of administrative services involving finance services, MOUs with external partners and clients, Contracts management, Commercial transactions, administrative, Procurement, meeting and logistic services, as well as a variety of client related services for the customers, Prema Chandra has handled over a hundred domestic arbitration cases mainly in telecom services, besides cases involving European, Asian and Gulf Countries. He has also mediated several franchisee disputes and commercial disputes.

Panel Member of International Arbitral Centre of the Austria, The London Court of International Arbitration, MCCI Panel of Arbitrators, Permanent Arbitration Court Mauritius and member of other national arbitration institutions like ICADR.